There are many initiatives to help our society towards a carbon-free economy. However, before all energy is completely green, there are quite a few challenges to overcome - both technically and economically. The good news is that we are on the right track, industry, scientists and government agencies are working together in various areas on different solutions. Our solution: providing a safe, sustainable, cost-efficient and, above all, quickly deployable infrastructure for local hydrogen distribution.

SoluForce is the originator and technological leader in long length high pressure Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipe systems (RTP, also known as Flexible Composite Pipes or FCP). They are used for many applications, such as hydrocarbons, hydrogen, water, offshore and mining. It is completely flexible, meaning it can go round corners, up hills, down slopes, across gullies, under water and more with ease. Being non-metallic, it is also fully corrosion-free, does not suffer from hydrogen embrittlement and is quick and simple to install.

Based on proven technologies, it can be the perfect accelerator to achieve local green hydrogen distribution in a fast, flexible and cost-efficient manner. Moreover, the CO2 footprint of producing the SoluForce pipe is only a fraction of that of a traditional steel pipe, which is an important aspect in an ambition towards a Co2 neutral industry.

The SoluForce RTP system has been certified for hydrogen applications up to 42 bar of operating pressure. Unique in the world of hydrogen transport and a global first. This significant milestone has a major impact on the feasibility of hydrogen projects, and is a new step towards a sustainable energy mix.


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