BW, founded in 1979, is an independent consultancy firm for research, advice and design in the field of ecology, nature restoration and landscape. With over 125 employees, they work across the full spectrum of ecology and the impact to changes in the environment. BW has been involved with investigating the effects of wind energy projects on wildlife for over 20 years, both offshore as well as onshore. Since 1992, they are leading in the use of innovative radar technology for bird research. In addition, they have 40 years of knowledge on hard-structure biodiversity. This knowledge, combined with professional scientific divers, innovative camera techniques and practical creative mindsets, enables them to identify opportunities to enhance biodiversity, like ecofriendly scour protection. View the full wind & water works Partner profile of this company here.

Experience in the US

Last decade BW has been involved in several small scale consultancy projects such as collision risk modeling for projected offshore wind farms in the US (e.g., for Equinor and WEST Inc.). As they have a good working relationship with AWWI (American Wind Wildlife Institute), this could be beneficial for the PIB consortium. Since 2017, BW has been involved in several pilot studies with BESE-elements in Florida to enhance oyster reefs and promote habitat recovery. Additionally, they work in close collaboration with the University of Florida and the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC).