Deltas, coastal regions and river basins are appealing areas to live and work. The effects of climate change – such as sea level rise, land subsidence and erratic rainfall patterns – also represent threats. New, broad-based, solutions will be needed to live in these areas safely and sustainably.

Throughout the world, Deltares works on innovative solutions and applications for people, environment and society. ‘Enabling delta life’ is our mission and ambition. We apply our top-level knowledge with the aim of delivering innovative and sustainable solutions for global issues relating to water and the subsurface. Our distinctive profile combines open source software, advanced experimental research facilities and highly qualified and knowledgeable experts. Knowledge development and cooperation are important in our work.

All our contracts and projects, whether financed privately or from strategic research budgets, contribute to the consolidation of our knowledge base. We also believe in openness and transparency, as is evident from the free availability of our software and models. It is our firm conviction that sharing knowledge and innovative insights worldwide enables delta life. Government and business can draw on our work to develop their own solutions. Other knowledge and research institutes can contribute their own research results, further extending the knowledge base.


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Deltares is an independent institute for applied research in the field of water and subsurface.


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