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Are you curious to see how the Netherlands is organising their offshore wind ecosystem? Our 2024 Offshore Wind Innovation guide tells it all! Are you looking for the most advanced and comprehensive offshore wind solutions? Consider collaborating with Dutch expertise to utilize the full potential of offshore wind energy in the USA.

Also for your reference, check out the Dutch companies active on the US market here.

In April 2019 twelve Dutch companies with substantial background in the global offshore wind supply chain joined to promote and engage in the US offshore wind market. The basis of this collaboration was laid by the bilateral agreement (a so-called Memorandum of Understanding or MoU) between the US Department of Interior - Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) and the government of The Netherlands, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Foreign Trade and Development .Through the MoU both partners work on sharing knowledge, experiences and best practices within the offshore wind sector. Topics that are being exchanged, include policy exchange, risk management, environmental and ecological impact of offshore wind parks, stakeholder management and cost reduction.

A Partners for International Business Program (PIB) was formed and the PIB Alliance (with the partners mentioned in the overview below), with support to the Dutch government has been participating in in the major US offshore wind tradeshows with key stakeholders BNOW, Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) and the Clean Energy States Alliance (CESA). The overall objective of PIB US is to establish and strengthen the relations between Dutch businesses and all relevant stakeholders in the North-East and Mid-Atlantic States of the USA, including include local public sector and private decision makers, such as developers, (marine) contractors, local subcontractors, local and national knowledge institutes, wind power and renewable energy associations, and ports and shipyards.

The Dutch offshore wind supply chain is now an industry in and of itself
We have a unique and considerable history above and below the sea level that produced associated renowned governance and industry in water works and we have used that to create a successful offshore wind energy industry, importantly a commercial supply chain benefiting wind-water power generation needs and regions of economic growth.

In our approach to the development of offshore wind, we continue to build upon our shared core values of:

  • Inventiveness: a 'can-do' mentality always looking for innovative yet pragmatic solutions;

  • Inclusivity: 'win-win-win' solutions, long-term collaborations and trade  transcending sectors and sovereign borders.

  • Openness: we value freedom, transparency, and clarity.

Mission statement
Our aim is to share Dutch knowledge and expertise with our US partners. We do that by actively collaborating to develop local supply chain, focusing on teamwork, collaboration and innovation across the board to ensure every wind farm has an economic, safely operating and sustainable future. Together with our US partners, we want to prove that offshore wind is a powerful solution to achieve climate goals while effectively contributing to maximization of economic opportunities from renewable energy. Ultimately this leads to a high level of certainty for project developers, increase investor confidence and drive down overall costs.
We support a growing US offshore wind supply chain, utility and government framework by leveraging our Dutch system of collaborating industry, knowledge institutes and government agencies under the international brand of wind and water works. Together, we help to optimize:

  • Reduced risk for rate payers, investors and developers;

  • Maximization of investment returns;

  • Maximization of economic opportunities and benefits;

  • Innovation.

IPF 2024, New Orleans

We were present at IPF 2024 in New Orleans with an impressive group of companies. Read all about them in our IPF 2024 mission booklet.

Our vision

Offshore wind power is a central role in our planet's future and will help meet international climate change agenda, create economic growth, add significant jobs and ensure a significantly growing and sustainable, low carbon, electricity supply for the long term.

Members & Partners

As of today the PIB cluster consists of the companies: Boskalis,, C-Job Naval architects, CAPE Holland, GustoMSC, Huisman, iPS Powerful People, Royal IHC, MARIN, Pondera, Seaqualize, Sif Group, SPT Offshore, Trelleborg Ridderkerk, Ulstein Design & Solutions, Reynard and Vuyk Engineering Rotterdam, and associated partners: Innovation Quarter, Port of Eemshaven/Groningen Seaports, TKI Wind op Zee, with PIB coordination by Holland Home of Wind Energy (HHWE).The full overview including short company profiles is given at the bottom of this page.

How to reach us or join?

The PIB US program is open to all Dutch businesses and knowledge institutions within the Dutch Offshore Wind Supply chain. For more information please contact:

Arjen Schutten, Managing Director
Arjen@hhwe.eu | +31-6-4636 3854

Eline Timmer, Manager International Events
Eline@hhwe.eu | +31-6-5124 9079

Chris Hanson, Liaison Officer USA (Washington, DC)
Chris@hhwe.eu | 202-531-2665

Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO)
For advice tailored to your business case please contact us directly at innovatiemissie@rvo.nl.

Hassan Elwali,
Programme Manager Partners for International Business Taiwan
Hassan.Elwali@rvo.nl or PIB@rvo.nl

Cluster participants