Offshore wind developments have become increasingly important in the Irish energy market, and successful ones require a well-organized global production line with each process carefully mapped and perfected. 

At Mammoet, we can play a crucial role in the Irish offshore wind market by facilitating the movement of fabricated components from production to storage and then to vessels as quickly as possible, making room for the next batch of components to be manufactured. 

We oversee the entire seaborne transport and storage scope, including load-in and load-out, sea fastening, shipping agents, and port marshaling, reducing project interfaces and risks. Our expertise ensures a streamlined process that saves time and money for our clients. 

To ensure efficiency, we use the world's largest cranes to assemble turbines close to the quay. These cranes can also launch smaller floating foundations, while larger types are driven onto semi-submersible vessels. 

By enabling all this, we make projects more efficient, safe and cost-effective.