C-Ventus Offshore Windfarm Services is a dedicated service provider with specialist knowledge in offshore windfarm Installation, Operations and Maintenance (O&M) and Decommissioning. C-Ventus has an extensive track record in the provision of wind farm installation support, ad hoc maintenance & repair services and long-term Balance of Plant service packages including project management, engineering and marine operations. Our transparent approach is an essential element in making C-Ventus the professional partner of choice for a wide variety of services in the offshore wind segment.

Experience in Taiwan

C-Ventus has committed to the Taiwanese offshore wind market by establishing an office in the country and joining forces with local partners. From here, it offers a wide range of services for the local offshore wind industry, as listed above. The company has the experience, resources, and assets required to meet the needs and standards of the industry. With a highly experienced team of project managers, engineers, SHEQ professionals, and technicians, combined with in-house assets which include a range of ROVs, UXO clearance tools diving, Rope Access, and survey equipment, C-Ventus is ready to help Taiwan meet its offshore wind goals.