Long established as a key energy port for the Netherlands, Eemshaven lives and breathes offshore wind. Since 2009, it has become a hub for offshore wind turbine assembly and shipping and is now one of the leading ports for the industry. This is because it is geographically well-located for offshore wind projects in the North Sea and meets all maritime requirements. As such, it plays a prominent role during the construction of an offshore wind farm and the subsequent operations & maintenance phase. To date, Eemshaven has been involved in the construction of 16 wind farms, whilst the maintenance base for four wind farms are located at the port. Significantly, Eemshaven will also be the base port for world's largest offshore wind farm, Hornsea Two (UK).

In addition to being a hub for the offshore wind sector, around a third of all the energy produced in the Netherlands currently comes from Eemshaven. It has an installed capacity of 8,000 MW, which includes the largest onshore wind farm in the Netherlands. Major energy producers have invested billions of Euros in new power stations there, whilst Google is expanding its immense data centre at the port.

Experience in Taiwan

Groningen Seaports (which owns the Port of Eemshaven) advises Taiwanese companies and authorities on port layout and provides support in developing an offshore wind proposition.