GustoMSC is a leading design and engineering company for all types of mobile offshore units like jack-ups, semisubmersibles, vessels, and barges. It delivers special mechanical equipment associated with its designs, such as heavy lift offshore cranes, jacking systems, and skidding systems. With more than 50 years experience designing jack-ups for the Oil & Gas and Construction industry, it has a lead in creating ‘State-of-the-Art’ designs and solutions for clients. Its self-propelled jack-up barges provide a stable and safe platform to work from. Leading offshore wind turbine installation companies like A2SEA, Seajacks, GMS, MPI Offshore, DEME Offshore, Fred. Olsen Windcarrier, Jack Up Barge BV, and others have chosen designs based on GustoMSC’s wide experience in this field. To date, over 70% of wind turbine installation jack-up vessels have been built based on GustoMSC designs and/or equipment. The Brave Tern, a GustoMSC design and jacking system and main crane, was the first jack-up installing the Block Island wind turbines.

Meanwhile, floating offshore wind turbines have great potential to unlock deep water wind resources and GustoMSC has come up with a viable solution for the industry to achieve that. Key requirements for commercialising floating wind are lowering costs and enabling industrialisation at large scale. The robust and cost-effective GustoMSC Tri-Floater, consisting of a three column, flat plated semi-submersible with a wind turbine column at the center, satisfies these requirements.

Experience in Taiwan

In Taiwan, GustoMSC is actively looking for floating wind and fixed offshore wind opportunities. In terms of fixed wind, wind installation jack-ups and installation vessels designed by GustoMSC are already active in Taiwan, operated by a number of experienced contractors. For floating wind opportunities, the company is in discussion with a variety of developers and industry stakeholders, local and global.