Over our 70 year history, Sif has evolved into one of the largest manufacturers of steel tubulars. Sif has produced more than 2,000 monopiles and developed a lot of expertise in offshore wind foundations. We can produce monopiles in lengths of 120 metres and diameters of 11 metres.

Sif and IX Wind are working together in exploring the possibilities of offshore wind industry in Taiwan. At the moment, Sif is predominately active in north-western Europe, but is actively expanding its business to other continents.

Sif delivers quality on time, safely and within the agreed budget. We make good on this promise because of our critical approach to the preliminary stage. Our specialists challenge each proposal put to us on design, feasibility, coating, logistics and more. Both our specialists and facilities ensure our production and installation processes are efficient. We ask questions and listen closely to our clients to ensure that we can offer suggestions on the best solutions at a reliable cost.

We also think beyond today's projects. By considering tomorrow and keeping a close eye on market developments, we can quickly adapt to the changing needs of market participants. We use our knowledge, experience, and inventiveness for product development and innovation. This is how we are shaping the future of offshore wind energy.