Since April 1st 2018, ECN has joined forces with TNO and has become 'TNO, division Energy Transition'. Together, we are better able to help you at home and abroad to become more sustainable, innovative and competitive.

The Energy research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN) has been active in wind energy for more than 40 years. ECN was the flagship of the Dutch Research & Development on Renewable Energy. TNO wind energy is one of the world wide leading knowledge institutes in the field of wind energy.

Today, TNO Energy Transition - wind energy’s core mission is to reduce the cost of offshore wind energy. This is achieved by applying innovative solutions in the industry and driving ground breaking R&D forward. TNO supports companies with Research as well as consultancy for the design of wind farms and wind turbine components, implementation of technology, installation and Operation and Maintenance and measurements for LiDAR validations and wind turbine type certification.

TNO is an independent research organization. We connect people and knowledge to create innovations that boost the sustainable competitive strength of industry and well-being of society. For this purpose, TNO is established by law as legal public entity. The TNO-law gives us a number of special tasks and frameworks and linking it to specific conditions under which we have to perform our work. So that we can continue to create independent and reliable solutions to the challenges that society presents us.

Experience in Taiwan

ECN/ TNO has been active in Taiwan since 2013, supporting Taiwanese government bodies, research institutes and private industry in knowledge transfer-, in consultancy- and in research projects.

TNO has an agent in Taipei as liaison officer between the Taiwan offshore wind community and TNO.