Trelleborg Infrastructure's polymer sealing and damping solutions are built on deep expertise and decades of craftsmanship. When it comes to water management, tunneling, dredging, noise and vibration isolation, offshore renewables, and high-performance special projects, the operational capability of the company's solutions are assured at the highest level. Trelleborg has unrivaled global reach. It has feet-on-the ground local presence, cross-industry expertise, and in-house end-to-end solution capabilities. These combine to improve integrity, sustainability, and efficiency, accelerating performance across projects.

The company has been the trusted supplier for more than 2500 grout seals in offshore wind monopile foundations over the last 10 years. As well as grout seals, it offers the offshore renewable energy market with airtight deck seals, inflatable seals, a flange protection sealing system, a flexible mooring system, self-activating seals, anti-vibration solutions, shock pads, fenders, compression seals, and buoyancy, along with installation and inspection services.

Experience in Taiwan

In Taiwan, Trelleborg has delivered the grout seals for the 20 Formosa 1 foundations, which have already been installed. It has also delivered the grout seals for the Yunlin foundations, currently under construction.