Reynard brings energy. Our people design, implement and maintain high-end technological and sustainable connections and terminations for the Renewable Energy sector. Reynard belongs to the market leaders in the field of on and offshore cable connectivity. Other services cover testing, fault finding and pre-assembly, all on the cutting edge of innovative new developments in the renewable energy sector.

We want to lead the way and support a sustainable future for our customers, our own organisation and our planet. Our large group of global professionals make sure we can provide continuity across the globe.

In fact, due to our offices spread around 21 countries, we can provide 24/7 tailored services and solutions and support wherever you go. 

We take pride in partnering with our clients in professional relationships that are based on trust, high ethical standards and consistent service quality.

Experience in the US

Reynard is an experienced High-Voltage contractor which executes termination and testing scopes of HV cables upto 250kV. We have the capability to execute projects in the United States with American workers and also make use of the experience gained on our international projects. We are currently starting operations on our first Offshore Windfarm in the United States.