Seaqualize is the Dutch heave compensation expert, which builds and rents out the world’s most sophisticated Balanced Heave Compensation (BHC) tools. These tools can be placed in any standard heavy lift crane hook: The Heave Chief. It offers full vertical position and load control (Active Heave Compensation or “AHC”) over delicate heavy loads. It de-risks and increases workability for any heavy lifts in floating-to-floating or floating-to-fixed offshore situations. This includes safe and controlled lifts from any Jones Act compliant US built and flagged supply vessel. The current fleet of tools range from ~300mt to max 1100mT capacity. The tools are battery powered, with minimal crane interfaces and can operate ~12hrs on a single charge.

Experience in the US

Seaqualize is active in the installation of both Vineyard Wind 1 and Southfork Wind. We offer the most experienced active heave compensation solutions in the US market, with over 1000 offshore compensated lifts by the end of 2023.