Sif Group is specialized in monopiles which are used as foundations for offshore wind parks. A monopile consists of a large tubular structure, typically with conical end pieces, which are hammered into the seabed on top of which a transition piece and wind turbine are installed. Monopiles have become the standard foundation solution for the offshore wind industry. Trends in offshore wind towards higher cost efficiency, deeper waters and larger wind tur bines are expected to further drive demand for heavier monopiles. These XL monopiles typically have diameters of over 7m, a length of more than 75m and weigh more than 900ton each. At Maasvlakte 2 - Port of Rotterdam - , Sif Group invested in an additional facility, primarily for the production of XL monopiles. With this expansion, they further strengthen their leading market position and aim to better meet the growing demand for XL monopiles.

Experience in the US

Early July 2019 Sif and Vineyard Wind announced the manufacturing by Sif of 84 monopiles for Vineyard Wind’s offshore wind project in Massachusetts US. The requirement of an additional Environmental Impact Study (EIS) by the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) is now delaying the project beyond the timeframe initially assumed by Vineyard Wind.