SPT Offshore is a specialized offshore contractor and market leader in suction pile foundations and anchors used for offshore wind farm foundations, substations, oil & gas platforms and floaters. SPT designed and installed over 500 suction piles worldwide since the company started in 1998. Suction pile foundations are noise friendly and 100% recoverable at decommissioning. Furthermore, the suction pile foundations offers schedule flexibility and low installation costs due to the fast installation, typically within 6 hours. SPT has installed and relocated several Self Installing Platforms (SIPs) for small to medium sized platforms up to 10,000 ton. SPT is developing a tri suction pile caisson (TSPC) foundation for wind turbines. The foundation can be floated in vertical positions to site and installed with a limited lifting capacity. TSPC foundations are suitable for deep water and wind turbines up to 15MW. SPT was involved with the design and installation of the first two suction bucket jacket foundations in Germany at DONG Borkum Riffgrund I (operational since 2014) and eleven suction bucket caissons for the Aberdeen offshore wind farm (operational since 2018). SPT was also involved in the design, fabrication and installation of two offshore substations. Currently SPT Offshore is designing foundations for two Chinese Offshore wind farms.

Experience in the US

SPT Offshore has a representative in the US. With SPT’s innovative technology and experience the company wants to bring their suction pile foundation (TSPC) for the US market. The foundations are suitable for the new generation turbines at large water depths, can be fabricated locally in concrete or steel and installed with existing US flagged vessels.