Core business of Trelleborg is the design and production of engineered rubber products. Their products seal, damp and protect in demanding industrial environments like offshore wind. In offshore wind the grout seal is one of the main products of Trelleborg Ridderkerk. Most of the wind turbines stand on a monopile. After driving the pile into the sea bed, the top will be submerged. A transition piece is lowered over the top of the pile and will clear the water by around 13 metres. The space between the pile and the transition piece is sealed by an inflatable grout seal of Trelleborg Ridderkerk. This seal is designed to close a substantial gap and simultaneously resist internal pressure. The grout seal is a small, but very crucial part in ensuring a long life time of the offshore wind turbine.

Experience in the US

As offshore wind in US is immature Trelleborg Ridderkerk has not yet sold any grout seals. The company secured a contract for the Cape Wind project, but this project was cancelled after many legal disputes.