Wind & water works

For years the Dutch have worked together to research, innovate & build the very best offshore wind farms

Dutch public and private parties have teamed up to design, develop, build, and maintain high quality offshore wind farms in the North Sea. Together, we are proving that offshore wind is a powerful solution to achieve our climate goals cost effectively. Our approach provides greater certainty for project developers, increases investor confidence, and drives down overall costs. It requires dedicated teamwork, collaboration, and innovation across the board to ensure every wind farm has a safe and sustainable future. We are keen to share our knowledge with others.

Wind & water works reflects the expertise and professional approach of Dutch companies and government in the field of offshore wind energy. The Dutch have centuries of experience working offshore. We are familiar with the specific conditions above and below sea level and have used that knowledge to create a successful Dutch offshore wind energy supply chain. In this chain, small and large companies work with our world-leading knowledge institutions to constantly develop innovative solutions for offshore wind farms.

Let’s work together to utilise the full potential of offshore wind energy and show the world that wind and water works. Feel free to contact us.

Dutch Offshore Wind Energy

The Government of the Netherlands develops offshore wind energy in the North Sea. We reduce wind farm investment risk by having flexible rules and regulations and providing high-quality site data for wind farm sites.

In addition, transmission system operator, TenneT, is responsible for grid connection. Rijkswaterstaat grants consent for the wind farm sites and monitors environmental impact. The Dutch approach provides greater certainty for developers, increases investor confidence, and drives down overall costs. The Government of the Netherlands actively promotes international trade and cooperation together with the Netherlands supply chain and trade organisations under wind and water works.

Partners for International Business

The Partners for International Business (PIB) program allows Dutch businesses to enter into a public-private partnership with the Dutch government in order to realize international ambitions

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