Dutch Energy from Water Association (EWA)

Dutch Energy from Water Association (EWA) promotes the generation and application of energy from water solutions and is committed to its members by representing common interests. We represent members developing or supporting wave, tidal, hydro, OTEC and Salinity Gradient power solutions.

EWA facilitates commercialisation and knowledge transfer for energy from water solutions. This is possible, because the members of EWA know the market & technology and understand the societal context. In addition, EWA is a knowledge provider through organising courses and workshops and a knowledge broker by organising networking meetings, conferences and disseminating (market) research.

As a growing open community, EWA wants to build experiential knowledge. EWA gives the sector in the Netherlands a face. EWA promotes the opportunities for energy from water to new stakeholders, export markets, public bodies and citizens. EWA influences legislation and regulations, funding and policy.

Contact: Peter Scheijgrond (Chairman)


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About this organisation

EWA is the Dutch membership based trade association representing energy from water professionals


Schoolstraat 41
2271 BZ Voorburg          
The Netherlands

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E: contact@energieuitwater.nl