The EAGLE-ACCESS system is a revolutionary new Offshore Access system, to transfer People and Cargo. The access system is no longer the limitation of your operations. The EAGLE is fully electric, flexible and zero emiisions.

EAGLE-ACCESS, now that’s “Walk to Work”.

With the EAGLE-ACCESS system it is not a challenge to transferring people and cargo in complete safety to manned and unmanned offshore platforms; EAGLE-ACCESS is a fully balanced and electrically driven access system, a real game changer.

The EAGLE-ACCESS system is developed in accordance to the latest requirements of the industry. A single system for tranfers and at the same time being suitable for deck handling, being compact, lightweight and easy-to-use. Transfers with EAGLE-ACCESS are safe, reliable and cost-efficient, also due to the fact no specially trained operators are needed. The crane operator in service takes care of the transfers, after having a short training at EAGLE-ACCESS academy. Which results in the advantage there is no need for extra cabin space.

EAGLE-ACCESS promises you a true return on investment, with expanding the scope of your operations with fast and flexible transfers, safe and efficiently performed by the vessel’s crane operator. During calm or severe weather conditions, it is the vessel that determines the limits. Another advantage, transfers performed by EAGLE-ACCESS absolutely no adjustments to the offshore installation are needed.

Our mission is to increase safety for offshore access and offshore transfers, significantly reducing costs and environmental impacts.

EAGLE-ACCESS, now that’s “Walk to Work”!

  • Zero emissions
  • Safest solution
  • Flexibility in height and distance
  • Highest operability
  • Electric and energy efficient (max 75 KW
  • Quick, transfer in 1 minute
  • Optimised logistics saving vessel time
  • Easy DP positioning for vessel saving time
  • Lowest Capex and Opex
  • Use own crane operator
  • No hydraulics
  • Low maintenance
  • Remote support


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EAGLE-ACCESS, now that’s “Walk to Work”.


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