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I am an inventor and invent simple and effective solutions that surprise also big offshore companies. I invented a still patentable tidal energy concept that works on a broad range of tidal speeds.

My last solution is for ships getting beached and get them free quickly. The solution was found 2 days after the Suez channel got blocked by a big containership. The solution is liquefaction. You stick several steel pipes under the bow of the ship and let them vibrate. Due to the vibration the soil under the ship gets liquefied making it more easy to remove the ship.

I invented a step over tool to reach offshore wind parks in a cheaper way compared to the Ampelmann system. TNO did some saving calculations for a wind farm with 95 8 MW windmills. On a yearly basis this can lower costs with 3 to 4 milj. Euro due to cheaper and better reachability. Reliable and low maintenance. I have a very practical approach and find simple and effective solutions. Due to that I also see if things will work or not.

I also invented a rotation mechanism that can handle roll and stamping at both 45 degree. the steering variation can be +/- 40 degrees. If you lower roll and stamp to 30 degree the ship can rotate around the gangway. Both systems can lower maintenance costs. Which company is interested in working together put those ideas on the market?

Marin was very enthousiastic about my flexible propulsion system for ships.


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